Hekaton Network
of the future!
A new Private Bitcoin that you can still Mine and is ASIC resistant!

Exchange Applications in Progress

(After Whitepaper Completion)
Fund Raising Ends in

We are now raising funds to facilitate the Network growth and development over the coming 12 months.  We currently have 1 Main Developer and 3 contributing Devs.  Our initial network and all costs have been paid out of personal funds. 

However, being that we are a decentralized network that rely on new Miners and User growth, we ask that you help contribute to the Hekaton Network and it’s associated costs.  ALL FUNDING, be it from this website or from Exchanges is being used to further develop Hekaton and create new innovative and fast solutions for the cryptocurrency space.  

$150,000.00 contribution received
Softcap in 135 days
Why choose Hekaton?
Our Fast Worldwide Hekaton network support is built on Enterprise Server Seed Nodes.


We use Amazon AWS and Alibaba Server Seed Nodes all over the world to support our Blockchain.  Out with the old, in with the New. The original Bitcoin is clunky, slow and showing it’s age. Not to mention its limited 21,000,000 coins.

Hekaton has nearly 5 times that amount @ 100,000,000 Hekaton Coins. Our goal is to be worth $1 through massive adoption, mining and trading. After that, the SKY is the limit!


Join Us

Join our Discord & Mining pools today!

We are a Private Cryptocurrency

Our network was founded on Code that is similar to Monero.  We have Ring signatures and private transactions from A to Z. 
You also have the option to allow your transaction to be viewed in the event you would like that for whatever reason, be it transparency or an Exchange that provides a Payment/Transaction ID.  


One of our goals is to build an E-Commerce API for taking BTCH Payments on websites. 
From Mobile trading and Mining on various platforms, we strive to continue to build solutions on the Hekaton network.
Our Coin

What are Hekaton perks?

Mobile app
A mobile app with global connectivity. Send money across the world and exchange currencies.  Currently our Mobile App is in Beta.  Once available it will be easy to share, send and receive coins to anyone!

Who Should Buy Hekaton?

  • Anyone who does not have the “Technical” means to mine cryptocurrency.
  • Those whom would like to invest a certain amount and wait a few years. (HODLer’s)
  • Anyone who wants to receive Hekaton prior to “Mass” mining beginning.
  • Those of you who would like to “Diversify” your Crypto portfolios.
BTCH Coin Specifications
  • Name:  Hekaton
  • Total Coin:  100,000,000
  • Ticker:  BTCH
  • Algo:  Cryptonight
  • Block Reward:  58.9 BTCH
1 BTCH = .10 USD
AWS Servers
AWS Servers
AWS Servers
AWS - Alibaba Servers
Fund distribution
40% Full Time Dev
25% Hekaton Costs
20% Marketing
15% Reservation
30% Reservation Spread
10% Dev Team
10% Non-Profits
5% Bounties
5% Reservation
Our Strategy and Project Plan

Nov 2018

Hekaton Forking and Coding Began.

March 2019

Wallets are released into the wild!

April 2019

First Crypto Bank Exchange Added.

Summer 2019

Code Changes – Discord Bots – Paper/Mobile Wallets

Fall 2019

1-3 Top 100 Exchanges Added to the Hekaton Network

Winter 2019

API for Online Payments

1st Quarter 2020

Achieve Hekaton Profit Value

  • March 2019Wallets are Released
  • Summer 2019Code Changes – Discord Bots – Paper/Mobile Wallets
  • Winter 2019API for online Payments
  • Nov 2018Hekaton Project begins
  • April 2019First Crypto Bank Exchange Added
  • Fall 20191-3 Top 100 Exchanges Added to Hekaton Network
  • 1st Quarter 2020Achieve Hekaton Profit Value

BTCH Coin price


Supported countries

Hekaton’s Whitepaper is almost complete.  Once it is we will be sure to post it here for your viewing. 

Frequently Questions

Our wallets are located here: Hekaton Wallets

We recommend XMR Stak for mining.  After you have it up choose a POOL to use.  Run XMR Stak and use the Wizard. 

Select cryptonight_turtle for the Algo.

When it asks for Pool Address input the IP:PORT ( for example)  Input the ADDRESS and PASSWORD per your Pool Instructions.   You are now mining!

Join us here for daily conversation!!

Join our Discord channel and post your Hekaton Address  in the #airdrop channel.  We will also be adding a Tipbot soon and perhaps a Faucet for tipping.

Get in Touch
Currently our most Active social media channel is Discord.  We are really busy building things right now as we are new and emerging.   Please feel free to contribute to our team by reaching out and joining us.  We are actively looking for new Developers as well.  Contact Us through the website or any other means.  Thank you.